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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Adding Rugs in Your Living Room

From adding finishing touches to a new living room to revitalizing the old dull looking room, rugs are one of the simplest yet most effective home decor options. Area rugs are used to create or add variety in a room. Available in all shapes, sizes and offering various designs- from quirky to traditional, modern to something more exotic, each rug has its own qualities and style. Consider some of the popular styles :

Designer Runner Rugs or Carpet Rugs

In many homes, stairs are a focal point as you enter inside. Runner Rugs are ideally used as floor covering for stairs and hallways. The options are endless when it comes to choosing from the different styles and colors available in the markets. These runners are suitable for homes with kids and elderly people as they offer better footing and strong grip on the floor. The frictional grip provided by the carpet confines any chances of falling by acting like a shock absorber. It reduces the impact on the joints of older people and is usually recommended by doctors. The regular thumping and loud thuds that are often heard while travelling up and down the stairs is significantly lessened as these runners are good noise insulators.

Beautiful Antique Area Rugs

Area rugs are hugely popular as they create a warm and welcoming feel for the visitors. It is important to figure out the right shape and size for an area rug as it can differ with each room in your home. Area rugs are more versatile and can be easily moved from room to room. The best thing about area rugs is that they can be cleaned very easily – you can clean them at your place with the help of a vacuum cleaner or send them out to a professional rug cleaner. They’re a perfect option for people who don’t own a house or those who keep shifting their places, as they are easy to carry and maintain. They are less expensive than wall-to-wall carpets, better called as carpet rugs. Area rugs can also be used as design pieces to embellish a room. They make for beautiful floor accessories and instantly lighten up the look of any dull place and add a dash of classic style to their surroundings.

Express your individual flair by picking from the extensive assortment of designer area rugs at These rugs are available in various shapes and styles including scalloped, rectangle, square, round, bean shaped and octagon rugs among many others. Our broad assortment and factory prices enable everyone to affordably make their house, a homely abode. Each of our beautiful rugs is hand selected and comes with an assurance of quality!

Captivating Home Design

Building one’s own home is all about desires and fantasies. One wants everything he can dream of, in his dreamy home. It is achievable, making it possible; making a place beautiful is one’s motive. Residential designing is an important and a thoughtful process. It takes time, decisions are not easy to make, but when it comes to your home, one just can’t compromise with it. Home is a place where you spend your very precious moments, create memories, relax, and these will be so much more fun loving if the background of your residence will be astounding. A home with proper furnishings and a calm ambience creates an aura of peace and healthy living.

Getting some sort of idea of how our dream home might look, from alluring bedrooms, to perfect spacious living room, a modernized kitchen, a ravishing swimming pool or anything, unless it makes your friends, family, or foes envy you, it becomes a less entertaining. With clever modern designing, sustainability, or integration with natural elements, gifting ourselves with the best ever residential designs is the only option one should go for. Properly ventilated the house and comfortable furnishings are other most important aspects of your residence that are kept in mind. Our greatest home design fantasies from captivating paraphernalia to impeccable home decors, everything is accomplished if one dreams of it. An important feature in our home designing becomes the hues; colors one chooses for their home are faded unless they compliment the home decor. The ingenious home improvements further include cleverly-hidden storage spaces and multi-purpose furniture. This saves a lot of space. Maybe this will help you in recognizing something that you’ve always wanted to see, or maybe the pictures will get your juices flowing and inspire you to come up with or even build something new. Home designs shall speak volumes about one. Themes and decor ideas, such that, it activates and bring up a healthy and lavish environment and matches your living standards, shall mark a benchmark for all the others, residence defined as an epitome of luxury.

Long Crystal Chandeliers Types

A long crystal chandelier can change the look of your room instantly. It is the way they look can simply blow your mind. Crystal chandeliers can be installed in almost all rooms. They not only look great, but also emit a considerable amount of light. The light emission ability of such chandeliers is unique, thanks to multiple faceted crystal used to build each of them. Sometimes the crystals are round, sometimes they are heart shaped. And sometimes these crystals are long. There are many companies who put crystal chandeliers for sale. However, long crystal chandeliers are getting more popular day by day. Let us discuss about some most demanding long crystal chandeliers below.

Prism 21 Light Chrome finish crystal chandelier

This is a very popular long crystal chandelier. It contains 21 lights, which indicates a lot of lighting capacity. This piece of chandelier is unique in its design. It is very stylish and trendy. The crystals used in this piece are of premium quality. The level of lead in the crystals is thirty per cent, an optimum amount for the best quality of crystal. Due to the high quality of the crystal and brilliant cutting it add glamor to any room it is installed in. The entire chandelier has Chrome Finish. Due to that a clear radiant glow can be seen all the time. This one can be put above stair joints and even in the living room if the roof is high enough.


Mitexi is another popular chandelier. It is built with numerous lead crystals. It has a height of nearly 24 inches with a 33 cm diameter. Several colors of the chandelier are available. This is one of the big crystal chandeliers for sale that can be installed in almost any type of room. For example, you can install it in your living room, study room, landing, hallway, drawing room, kitchen, dining room, bed room and even in office rooms. However, you need to buy lights for this one as they are not provided with the package.


Kai is another 14-light long crystal chandelier. It is getting widely popular nowadays. The reason is its gorgeous black hue. The crystals used in this particular chandelier are all lead based. They are long and very nicely arranged. This 56 inches chandelier should set your home on fire with its grandeur. They are perfect for living room, hallway, drawing room, study room and almost all types of rooms. However, the ceiling of the room should be high enough to create space. Otherwise it might appear too big.

Prism 18-light Chrome finish clear crystal chandelier

The Prism 18-light chandelier is another popular light fixture that is long. It is built with premium grade materials. It has option for dual mounting that is used for flush. This chandelier is usually found in prestigious hotels, homes and restaurants. However, the price is reasonable.

The Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

One of the main benefits of engineered hardwood flooring is that you get to enjoy the natural characteristics of solid wood. This means you have a wide variety to choose from, choosing the wood you feel will work best in your overall room design. With the engineered hardwood flooring, your top layer, which is the visible layer, is natural wood, so you can enjoy all it has to offer. The lower layers are other products, which have been bonded to provide strength.

This brings us to the next benefit of engineered hardwood flooring, it is exceptionally strong and stable. Due to the layers being bonded to very high standards, this provides the floor with exceptional strength, helping it remain stable. This makes this the best flooring option no matter what the sub floor is. You find with solid wood floors, you are limited to what sub floor you can install them over, concrete for example will only benefit from the engineered options with solid wood flooring being damaged due to the moisture content in the cement.

Engineered hardwood flooring is also resistant to temperature change. One of the problems you may experience with tiles or even solid wood flooring is that it expands and contracts with the temperature changes. With tiles this can lead to cracking, but with wood it can result in warping, which means unstable floors which will need replacing sooner rather than later.

With these floors you can install them in a cold basement or on the upper level of your home with confidence. They are resistant to damp, which is why they are the ideal choice when installing over a concrete slab. They are designed to handle temperature changes with complete ease, enabling you to purchase these floors with complete confidence.

The great thing with engineered hardwood flooring is that it can be installed anywhere. There are no restrictions when it comes to where this flooring can be used, making it one of the most versatile flooring choices for you to enjoy in your home for years to come.

A major benefit that most home-owners find appealing when it comes to engineered hardwood flooring is that it provides lifetime value. This flooring solution is so strong, durable and stable that it can last for many years, still being enjoyed once you have moved out of the home and for many years after that. You will find that due to the beauty this flooring provides combined with the natural characteristics of the wood, it can help to sell your home should you decide to sell, increasing the value and appeal to buyers.

There is an extensive range available. This flooring comes in all wood options from jatoba to oak and cherry to maple and walnut. This enables you to identify which wood you feel is going to work best in your space and then find the right flooring option to provide you with an enhanced visual appeal.

When it comes to buying engineered hardwood flooring it is important to ensure that you only purchase from leading suppliers who have a solid reputation for providing the best quality flooring options that you know you can rely on and trust now and moving forward.