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Adding Rugs in Your Living Room

From adding finishing touches to a new living room to revitalizing the old dull looking room, rugs are one of the simplest yet most effective home decor options. Area rugs are used to create or add variety in a room. Available in all shapes, sizes and offering various designs- from quirky to traditional, modern to something more exotic, each rug has its own qualities and style. Consider some of the popular styles :

Designer Runner Rugs or Carpet Rugs

In many homes, stairs are a focal point as you enter inside. Runner Rugs are ideally used as floor covering for stairs and hallways. The options are endless when it comes to choosing from the different styles and colors available in the markets. These runners are suitable for homes with kids and elderly people as they offer better footing and strong grip on the floor. The frictional grip provided by the carpet confines any chances of falling by acting like a shock absorber. It reduces the impact on the joints of older people and is usually recommended by doctors. The regular thumping and loud thuds that are often heard while travelling up and down the stairs is significantly lessened as these runners are good noise insulators.

Beautiful Antique Area Rugs

Area rugs are hugely popular as they create a warm and welcoming feel for the visitors. It is important to figure out the right shape and size for an area rug as it can differ with each room in your home. Area rugs are more versatile and can be easily moved from room to room. The best thing about area rugs is that they can be cleaned very easily – you can clean them at your place with the help of a vacuum cleaner or send them out to a professional rug cleaner. They’re a perfect option for people who don’t own a house or those who keep shifting their places, as they are easy to carry and maintain. They are less expensive than wall-to-wall carpets, better called as carpet rugs. Area rugs can also be used as design pieces to embellish a room. They make for beautiful floor accessories and instantly lighten up the look of any dull place and add a dash of classic style to their surroundings.

Express your individual flair by picking from the extensive assortment of designer area rugs at These rugs are available in various shapes and styles including scalloped, rectangle, square, round, bean shaped and octagon rugs among many others. Our broad assortment and factory prices enable everyone to affordably make their house, a homely abode. Each of our beautiful rugs is hand selected and comes with an assurance of quality!