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Know The Lighting Types in Your Kitchen

When it is about the functionality of the space, especially the kitchen, it depends on the way of lighting is set. One can create an excellent ambience of the kitchen space, if one knows the secret of setting perfect lightings into the space. In such case, one can add up the gorgeous look by using different types of fixtures.

Some of the types of lights Perth that can be used into the kitchen space are discussed below :

Ceiling lights

Such fixtures with flush-mount are fixed into the ceiling with the glass or diffuser facing upward. Semi-flush is projected into the ceiling so that the bowl hangs a few inches away and the indirect light reflects from the ceiling.

Wall lights

Such type of fixture is typically takes the form of sconces that matches a chandelier or ceiling fixture. It can be used as a piece of art or decorative item in order to help in creating the focal point.


This type of fixture is also known as chain-hung. It is hung from the ceiling and has two or more arms facing upward or downward and provides normal focus. Generally people select such products for formal dinning tables.


Pendants Perth is taken to be decorative fixtures and it is suspended from the ceiling. It can be used both as general as well as task lighting. People often place them over the open counter areas where conversation, dining and such other related activities take place.

Under cabinet fixtures

Such products are available in the form of mini track systems or surface mounted discs. It can be installed below the wall cabinets and it supply focus by illuminating the counters and work surfaces without shadows.

Recessed fixtures

This type of fixture is installed within the ceiling with small lamps and a small bit of trim to cover the hardware. It provides general focus for the whole kitchen space and is beneficial when it placed within the area of the sink or counter.

It is always important to keep this in mind that when it comes to lighting, one should follow the factors like ambient that provide general focus, accent that throws focus on a particular space and task that illuminates an area used for specific task. And all of these ideas are to be applied into the kitchen space for better ambience.