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Long Crystal Chandeliers Types

A long crystal chandelier can change the look of your room instantly. It is the way they look can simply blow your mind. Crystal chandeliers can be installed in almost all rooms. They not only look great, but also emit a considerable amount of light. The light emission ability of such chandeliers is unique, thanks to multiple faceted crystal used to build each of them. Sometimes the crystals are round, sometimes they are heart shaped. And sometimes these crystals are long. There are many companies who put crystal chandeliers for sale. However, long crystal chandeliers are getting more popular day by day. Let us discuss about some most demanding long crystal chandeliers below.

Prism 21 Light Chrome finish crystal chandelier

This is a very popular long crystal chandelier. It contains 21 lights, which indicates a lot of lighting capacity. This piece of chandelier is unique in its design. It is very stylish and trendy. The crystals used in this piece are of premium quality. The level of lead in the crystals is thirty per cent, an optimum amount for the best quality of crystal. Due to the high quality of the crystal and brilliant cutting it add glamor to any room it is installed in. The entire chandelier has Chrome Finish. Due to that a clear radiant glow can be seen all the time. This one can be put above stair joints and even in the living room if the roof is high enough.


Mitexi is another popular chandelier. It is built with numerous lead crystals. It has a height of nearly 24 inches with a 33 cm diameter. Several colors of the chandelier are available. This is one of the big crystal chandeliers for sale that can be installed in almost any type of room. For example, you can install it in your living room, study room, landing, hallway, drawing room, kitchen, dining room, bed room and even in office rooms. However, you need to buy lights for this one as they are not provided with the package.


Kai is another 14-light long crystal chandelier. It is getting widely popular nowadays. The reason is its gorgeous black hue. The crystals used in this particular chandelier are all lead based. They are long and very nicely arranged. This 56 inches chandelier should set your home on fire with its grandeur. They are perfect for living room, hallway, drawing room, study room and almost all types of rooms. However, the ceiling of the room should be high enough to create space. Otherwise it might appear too big.

Prism 18-light Chrome finish clear crystal chandelier

The Prism 18-light chandelier is another popular light fixture that is long. It is built with premium grade materials. It has option for dual mounting that is used for flush. This chandelier is usually found in prestigious hotels, homes and restaurants. However, the price is reasonable.