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Painting Tips for Newbie

Before kicking off your painting project, make sure that the surface you are painting on is flawless. Cleaning the wall surface is essential for the better application and adherence of paint. After cleaning up the wall, instead of rushing out to select the color of paint, try purchasing the sample colors or color swatches, and put them on the wall you are planning to paint. Amateurs tend to rush while taking the decision of wall paint colours and later regret. That is why it is better to apply the test color swatch or the sample paints on the planned walls and observe it for some time even though the process looks tedious. When you are sure about the color you want to apply, make a checklist of things you need to get from the store. This will help you to avoid wasting time running back and forth to the store unnecessarily. It is best to use Acrylic latex coating made with 100% acrylic wall colors available as it is easier to work with allowing first time painters to paint like professionals and it is durable than the ordinary paints. Along with the high-quality paints, choose quality brushes and rollers to make the painting and coating effortless.

After you are done with shopping and before you start your painting project, cover your furniture and floor with drop cloths to avoid the spilling of the paint drops on them. Take precautions to be safe than sorry. Work carefully and don’t get discouraged by the minor mistakes such as hitting the ceiling with an errant brushstroke or missing a spot on the wall as they can be easily wiped up with the moist cloths. Be prepared for those slip-ups and keep a moist cloth handy to wipe up drips and stray brushstrokes. With the best wall painting, you will see how easy the touch ups are. Avoid the missteps with these guidelines and paint like a professional. There is a first time to everything, right?