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Things to Look For in Interior Decorator

First and foremost, make sure that the decorator that you are looking to hire is actually licensed to practice in your locality. Ensure that they are fully statutory compliant; you should be able to go as far as asking them to show you all their statutory documents. A fully legitimate and professional decorator should have no problem at all with showing you the documents. One that hesitates should not be trusted. You need to be sure that working with this particular person will not cause you any legal problems.

After you have confirmed that the decorator is statutory compliant, the next step should be seeing what the decorator can actually do. Sit down with them and have a candid conversation about what he or she can offer you. Make sure that you listen to them very carefully as they talk. Do they sound confident in what they are saying? Do they sound sure of what they are saying? Are they acting like they can actually deliver on what they are promising? Be sure to read body language. Look for such signs as maintaining of eye contact, placement of arms and so on and so forth. The way the prospective decorator even treats you during the meeting should tell you whether or not they can be able to deliver. Are they treating you like an important person or just another walk-in? Are they giving you all their attention or are they busy on their phone during the meeting? This is how you will be able to tell whether or not they are a serious professional passionate about their work or a businessman just looking to make some quick money.

References are one important thing that you should never miss out on. At the end of every meeting, make sure that you ask for references. Get in touch with these references and get to see the works that the decorator did. Have a candid conversation with the references too and get to see what they will tell. If the decorator has a website, it will also be good for you to visit the site to get more information on works that he or she has previously done outside of the references that were provided to you. This will give you more objective feedback.